Weyerhaeuser's forests in Washington & Oregon provide jobs, clean air & water, scenic beauty, and wildlife habitat.

Our forests are also a great place to play - whether you fish, hike, hunt wild game, or ride horses or mountain bikes.

Please check our website mid-April for information regarding our
2016-2017 permit and lease areas.

Welcome to Washington Access Permits
Weyerhaeuser’s Vail and Pe Ell operating areas are now offering expanded recreational access opportunities to the public. You can purchase a permit that gains you access to forestlands that offer an abundance of outdoor recreation prospects seven days each week from August 1 to December 31.

A maximum of 750 permits will be sold to access the (155,000-acre View Map) Vail tree farm. Vail permits are $150 each.

A total of 650 permits will be sold for access to the Pe Ell properties (~118,000 acres View Map). Pe Ell permits are $200 each.

If you would like exclusive recreational access rights for one full year, then you are invited to bid on any or all of the five lease areas being offered.

All forestry operations will continue during the permit and lease season.

To purchase an Access Permit you must be a registered member. 

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Pe Ell South
Access Area: 98,250 Permits Available: 0 $275.00

Pe Ell North
Access Area: 105,530 Permits Available: 0 $225.00

Access Area: 159,716 Permits Available: 0 $250.00

Aberdeen-General Access
Access Area: 143,934 Permits Available: 2051 $75.00

Aberdeen-Upper Donovan
Access Area: 8,661 Permits Available: 0 $200.00

Access Area: 35,506 Permits Available: 0 $200.00

Access Area: 16,134 Permits Available: 0 $250.00

Access Area: 2,159 Permits Available: 14981 $50.00

Aberdeen-General Access NON-MOTORIZED
Access Area: 143,934 Permits Available: 1486 $50.00

South Valley-Spring 2016 Castle Rock
Access Area: 9,577 Permits Available: 9 $100.00

South Valley-Spring 2016 Row River
Access Area: 24,474 Permits Available: 0 $100.00

South Valley-Spring 2016 Main Block
Access Area: 41,500 Permits Available: 0 $100.00

South Valley-Spring 2016 Mosby Creek
Access Area: 30,858 Permits Available: 0 $100.00

Coos Bay-Millicoma
Access Area: 173,565 Permits Available: 25 $350.00

Columbia-Columbia/Washington Counties MOTORIZED
Access Area: 126,434 Permits Available: 0 $200.00

Columbia-Southwest WA NON-MOTORIZED
Access Area: 83,400 Permits Available: 0 $50.00

Columbia-Columbia/Washington Counties NON-MOTORIZED
Access Area: 126,434 Permits Available: 0 $50.00

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