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What is the difference between a permit and a lease?
A permit is like purchasing a ticket to access large areas on the tree farm. It has a set price. A maximum number of permits will be sold for each area, so there will be other members of the public hunting in that area.

A lease is a rental agreement that gives that grants exclusive use to a person or group. Leases are sold by competitive bid.
Who needs a permit?
A persons with a WDFW disabled hunter permit must purchase a permit to access the property. If the disabled hunter requires a hunter companion to assist them in the stalking, shooting, tracking, retrieving, or tagging of game birds and game animals, the hunter companion is NOT required to purchase an access permit. The hunter & their companion must make an appointment (see Contact Us tab) and come to the appropriate office (Vail or Pe Ell). You need to bring the following: your WA disabled hunting license & placard, the companion’s hunting license and “Wild ID #”, & photo ID. The hunter companion will be required to sign a waiver to accompany the disabled hunter without a permit. If the companion wants to hunt, then a separate recreation permit must be purchased.
Can I buy one permit for my family or does each person need their own permit?
A permit is issued to legally married spouses and their children and/or grandchildren under the age of 19.
What’s the price of a permit and how many will be sold?
Permits are $200 at Pe Ell where a maximum of 650 permits will be sold. Permits are $150 at Vail with a max of 750 available.
How do I buy a permit?
Permits are sold only through this website using a VISA or Mastercard. Once you submit payment via the secure web site, your credit card will be charged. DO NOT CLICK MORE THAN ONCE. WY will approve the purchase of the permit although we reserve the right to NOT sell a permit to someone). You will then be mailed a key, maps, the official permit, and a hang tag for your vehicle. This may take 10-14 days – especially in the beginning.

You can check the status of your permit application by logging back into the site. PENDING means that WY has not yet approved your permit. Do NOT submit your credit card info again. APPROVED means that WY accepted your application and you will be mailed a packet.
How do I access the property once I’ve purchased a permit?
You will be issued a key that opens a recreation lock placed on a limited number of gates – see the map for gate locations. The lock may be removed in the evening 1-1/2 hours after sunset and re-installed 1-1/2 hours before sunrise to make certain that permit holders are following the rules.

You must lock the gate behind you. Ask anyone who wants to enter the gate at the same time as you to show their permit. If you have any problems, let them in, note the license #, and notify Weyerhaeuser immediately.
When is access allowed?
Access (motorized and non-motorized) will be allowed 7 days per week from August 1 to December 31 from 1-1/2 hours before sunrise to 1-1/2 hours after sunset. However, NO ATVs, ORVs, motorcycles or snowmobiles are allowed – not even in the back of a pickup or on a trailer.
Does a permit allow me to camp?
Camping is allowed at Pe Ell. You must remain in your camp from 1-1/2 hours after sunset to 1-1/2 hours before sunrise – no driving around at night.

No camping is allowed at Vail.
What are the rules for camping at Pe Ell? What about a campfire?
Camps must be 150’ away from water. Human waste must be buried a minimum of 6” deep. Dispose of trash properly.

Campfires are allowed once fire season ends which is usually Oct. 15th. Fires must be less than 3’ in diameter and surrounded by a 2’ ring of bare soil. Fires must be completely extinguished using water or foam before leaving the camp area. You may gather downed wood for a campfire. Any wood that needs to be cut to length must be cut using a hand saw.

No warming fires or campfires are allowed at Vail.
What is “fire season” and what do I need to know about it?
Fire season is set by the Dept. of Natural Resources and is usually April 15th to October 15th. The season may be extended if we have not received enough rain.

State law requires that every vehicle on WY property must carry a shovel, a 5-lb. or larger BC-rated fire extinguisher in working conditions, and an axe during fire season.
What are the things that I can’t do.

- You can’t remove firewood or any other forest products from the property. You are allowed to pick berries and mushrooms for personal use.
- No target or skeet shooting.
- No rockhounding, digging, gold panning, or removal of any rocks or minerals.
- No disturbing any cultural artifacts.
- You can’t have fireworks.
- Smoking is allowed only in vehicles.
- No alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed.
- Don’t harm trees in any way.
- Don’t place any nails, screws, or other metal objects in trees. If you damage trees, you’ll have to pay 3x the value in compensation.

Will there be logging in the area where I’m recreating?
Active logging, road construction, spraying, and other forestry and commercial operations will continue during the permit season. These activities have priority over recreational activities. These areas are off-limits even if signs are not posted. It is your responsibility to avoid the area. You must obey all signs. You will need to drive carefully and watch for other vehicles on the roads.
Can I bring my dog?
Dogs are welcome on the property but using them to hunt or track game is not allowed. You must keep your dog under control at all times.
What are safe driving requirements?
Maximum speed is 25 mph but you should always drive at a speed where you can stop in no more than half your sight distance.
Always drive with headlights on.
Wear seat belts at all times.
Always drive on the right side of the road.
Can I post signs so that my friends can find me?
No. We’d consider that to be littering.
What about insurance?
Weyerhaeuser purchases an insurance policy for every permit sold.
Give me the legal disclaimers for Permits.
You must obey all laws. Hunting is allowed only during legally-established seasons. You must have all required licenses and tags. WDFW enforcement officers will be patrolling the property.

You’ve got to follow the rules in the official permit document. If not, you risk losing your permit for the current year and not being allowed to purchase one in the future. If your permit is terminated for not following rules, no refund is given.

The woods can be a dangerous place – logging activity, other hunters, natural forces, etc. You’ll need to agree to assume the risks and waive liability claims when you purchase a permit. You’ll read the details in the actual permit document.

Getting Started - Leases

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How is a lease different from a permit?
A lease limits who has permission to access and use a particular tract of land. The general public cannot access a leased tract for recreational purposes. A lease allows this exclusive recreational access for a full year – not just August to December access when you purchase a permit.

A permit is like selling a ticket – you have no control over who else is out on the property.
What are the types of leases?
The language for all lease documents is the same. Weyerhaeuser can enter into a lease with an individual, an incorporated group or an unincorporated group.

An individual lease is an agreement between WY and one person. That person is responsible for all aspects of the lease: compliance with terms, risk, and payment of fees. Other persons may access the leased property provided they are listed on the lease at the time of execution. The individual named in the lease is responsible for these persons.

An unincorporated lease is a lease is a lease to a group of person who form a club that has a name and a president. Each club member must sign a “Power of Attorney” document indicating that they have read and/or are aware of the lease terms and that the club president has the authority to sign a lease agreement on their behalf.

An incorporated lease is where the club forms an official entity that is registered with the Secretary of State’s office. This type of organization has an elected board that is responsible for managing the entity. The president of the board will have authority to sign on behalf of the incorporated club.

Weyerhaeuser has no preference as to which type of entity enters into a lease. A club will need to present documentation of their structure when signing the lease document.
What is a Recreation Lease Unit (RLU)?
Recreation Lease Unit is a tract of land available for lease. RLUs are tracts that are usually 300 to 3,500 acres each. A RLU tends to be easy to isolate geographically to preserve the exclusivity. RLUs often offer are prime hunting opportunities and/or additional recreation amenities such as lake or river access. Some RLUs allow use of small ATVs on rocked roads only.

Approximate acreage is provided for each RLU; however, Weyerhaeuser does not guarantee that the acreage is exact.
Who can bid on an RLU?
Anyone age 18 or over can bid on a lease.
Who is the Designated Representative for a lease?
The Designated Representative (DR) represents a “club” in all matters when dealing with Weyerhaeuser including payment of the lease fee. Anyone can be the DR, but they must understand that they will be the primary person contacted by email about any issues. This person should have good internet connection and be the type of person who uses and checks email frequently. The DR will have online control of the lease agreement. It will be the DR’s responsibility to keep the lease account updated with any changes.
What lands are being offered for lease?
At this time, there are 3 tracts available for lease near Pe Ell and 2 near Vail. We expect more tracts to be available for lease in the future. You’ll need to look at the individual maps to learn more.
How do I lease a tract of land?
Start by looking at the maps and aerial photos of each tract. Decide if the terrain and forest cover are a good fit for your planned recreation.

Decide if you want to lease as an individual or group/club. Get the names and addresses (and the commitment) of everyone who wants to participate and select a club name. Decide if you want to be an incorporated club (legal entity) or an unincorporated club.

Obtain a login ID and submit a bid. A bid is a legal commitment to purchase a lease at the bid price. I

f you are outbid, submit another bid. At the end of the designated bidding period, Weyerhaeuser will evaluate the high bid. The lease will usually be awarded to the highest bidder, but Weyerhaeuser reserves the right to award the lease to another bidder for any reason. We consider whether or not we’ve ever had any trouble with persons participating in the lease and the number of persons listed on the lease.
How should I choose a password?
All account passwords must be over 6 characters in length.
I created an account but cannot login or place bids.
Please contact your administrator.
What’s the timeframe for bidding on leases?
Bidding starts on June 19th. You’ll need to create an account to submit a bid. Once your bid is submitted, you will be notified by e-mail when you are outbid. You can then enter another bid.

Bidding ends at 6 pm on June 25th. The highest bidder is usually the winning bidder, but Weyerhaeuser reserves the right to not accept that bid at its sole discretion.

The successful bidder will be notified by e-mail on June 26th.
What do the “bidding status” categories mean?
Outbid: Someone bid more than you. You can submit another bid at this time.
Pending: Your most recent bid is currently the highest or only bid.
Accepted: Your bid is the winning bid and the lease execution process begins.
Declined: Another bid has been accepted.
I am the successful bidder. What next?
The Designated Representative (DR) for the Lessee being awarded the lease will be contacted by Weyerhaeuser by e-mail on June 26th and an on-site meeting arranged at the local Weyerhaeuser office.

The DR will review the lease, sign on behalf of the Lessee, and make payment to Weyerhaeuser. This will occur within ___ business days after the bidder is notified that their bid has been accepted. fied that their bid has been accepted.

Payment must be made in full at the time the lease is signed. A cashier’s check is required.

Common Questions - Leases

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What about commercial activities?
The Recreation Lease does not allow commercial activities on the property. This includes guide services and subleasing.
Will forest management operations continue during hunting season?
Absolutely – our main business is growing and managing timber. Expect that our operations may occur at any time and that could be during hunting season. Obey all signs.
Do we have to keep the gates closed?
Lessees should always close and lock gates to keep other parties out. If Weyerhaeuser has on-going forestry operations in the leased area, the gates will be open during business hours for ease of transportation.
What is the camping policy?
Camping is allowed only on the leases in the Pe Ell area at this time. You will need to read the lease terms carefully to understand the rules for camping. Camps must be 150’ away from water, kept clean of garbage, and be temporary in nature. Campfires are allowed outside of fire season.
Can my lease be terminated?
Should Lessee fail, in Weyerhaeuser’s opinion, to strictly comply with the terms of this lease, then Weyerhaeuser reserves the right to immediately terminate the lease. If this happens, no refund will be given.

Weyerhaeuser also reserves the right to cancel this lease at any time on ten (10) days written notice to the Designated Representative even if Lessee has complied with lease terms. If this happens, the Lessee will be given a pro-rated refund of the lease fee.
What happens if the tract I’m leasing is sold?
Weyerhaeuser periodically sells tracts of land. If a parcel is listed to be sold, then the Lessee will be notified that the parcel is listed for sale or a sale is pending. Depending on the intentions of the buyer, the lease could be terminated or accepted by the new owner.
Can a Lessee install gates and use their own lock?
Weyerhaeuser may grant permission for a gate(s) to be installed but it isn’t likely. If permission is given for a Lessee to install a gate, it will remain on the tract and become the property of Weyerhaeuser when the lease terminates. Weyerhaeuser will supply the locks and keys for each lease. If a key is lost, it will not be replaced.
Can I post my lease?
The Lessee is allowed to post the leased area at their own expense with signs stating “No Trespassing – Private Recreation Lease – Written Permission Required for Use”.

Signs should not be posted on trees. At Weyerhaeuser’s request, Lessee will remove any sign deemed inappropriate or at the termination of the Lease.
What is the refund policy?
A refund is unlikely unless the Lease is terminated by Weyerhaeuser because the land is being sold. Submit a request for a refund on-line.
How do I update my information?
Update your account if any of your club information changes such as a change of address, phone number, or club contact. Sign in to your account. Select "Update Account" from the "My Club" menu. Make your changes and click "Save Changes."
Can I add additional Lessees to the Lease? Can I bring a guest?
No to both of these questions. Only persons (including minors) listed on the Lease document at the time of execution are allowed access to the leased area.
Can I remove a person from the Lessee list?
You cannot remove members after the Lease Document has been signed.
How do I make sure I am insured?
Insurance is included in the hunting lease rate.
What structures are allowed?
No structures can be built on the property – not even temporarily.
Are tree stands allowed?
Only temporary tree stands are allowed on the leased property. Tree stands must be removed from the property prior to expiration of the lease. No trees should be damaged – no nails, lag bolts, spikes or support cables. WY is not responsible for any damage to tree stands.
Are food plots allowed on the lease area?
Yes, but you need to read the lease document carefully to understand the rules. All plots must comply with WA Dept of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) regulations. No trees can be removed when installing food plots.
What do I do about trespassing, dumping, or other problems?
Trespassing: Lessees have the responsibility to notify the county sheriff or WDFW law enforcement if trespassing occurs. You should also send an e-mail to Weyerhaeuser so that we can cooperate with law enforcement. It is important to get a vehicle description and plate # if a motorized vehicle is involved or a picture or other identifying information if it is a non-motorized trespass. Make certain that the leased area is posted.

Dumping: notify the Weyerhaeuser representative with a description of the problem and location.

Drug-related activity: Vacate the area if you are concerned for your safety and notify law enforcement at 911.

Boundary encroachment / disputes: Notify the Weyerhaeuser representative with a description of the problem and location.
What are the things that I can’t do.
- You can’t remove firewood or any other forest products from the leased area other than berries and mushrooms for personal use.
- No target or skeet shooting.
- No rockhounding, digging, gold panning, or removal of any rocks or minerals.
- No disturbing any cultural artifacts.
- You can’t have fireworks.
- Smoking is allowed only in vehicles.
- No alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed.
- Don’t harm trees in any way. Don’t place any nails, screws, or other metal objects in trees. If you damage trees, you’ll have to pay 3x the value in compensation.
What information am I required to enter for Club Members?
If your bid is accepted you must enter the following information for each club member prior to downloading your lease: Name; mailing address; Phone#; Email
Can I change the email address for my account?
Yes, but try not to. Use the best email address for us to reach you. Sign in to your account. Select "Update Account" from the "My Club" menu. Make your changes and click "Save Changes." Please note, a verification email will NOT be sent to verify changes to email address.
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